Muli Bwanji!!

What a fantastic last couple of days! After having a fabulous road trip with lots of hideous singing we arrived at Durham University for our Volunteer Zambia induction.

After everyone’s arrival and having some much needed food after our long journey we met for the first time the rest of our groups and found out some more about the placements we will be in. I am going to be coaching netball in the community 5 afternoons a week at Fountain of Hope. Fountain of Hope is an orphanage, run by The Perfect Day Foundation, including a school, where they also have a food program, enabling them to feed over 300 children one meal a day, one which they probably wouldn’t get otherwise. 2 mornings a week I will be attending University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, where I will assist in the running of PE lessons at the schools, trying to increase the inclusiveness of these sessions to all students.

photo 2

We then went over some budgeting and did a culture workshop which was very helpful as George and Joan, 2 Zambians that work for the organisation Sport in Action, were able to explain why they do such thing in their culture. That evening we did some team building activities with Group 3 (my group) coming first!


The next day, we went to the sport centre where we did lots more workshops, including my favourite which was learning Zambian games and songs!

In the evening, we went to the annual ZamBall, which was a great time, with lots of singing and dancing! So much so that we all ended up going out after in Durham!


The next morning we all sleepily went to our final workshops, meaning we left extremely excited for Zambia now! It was great to meet everyone from my group that I will actually be living with for 6 weeks, and gain a greater understanding of what we will be doing when we are out there!

induction group

I was so excited that when I got back that evening, I went through all the donated kit that Loughborough Lightning had given us! There was tonnes of it as you can see!! I know from the past couple of days and taking to George and Joan and past Volunteer Zambia Alumni that so many children are really going to value something that to us, might seem used and rubbish but to them it’s like gold.

As always, if you’d like to sponsor me in my quest then please donate on my fundraising page!

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