Struck By Lightning


Here is a video I created of our very first Loughborough Lightning Fundraising.

Since it is now Easter Break, I have time to look at our progress in fundraising for our Zambia project in the Summer. One thing that I have realised through fundraising in sporting events such as Lightning Netball games is, the reinforcement it has given me in my reasoning to why I first decided to apply for this opportunity.

The shared passion for Sport and seeing the range of emotions prior, during and post game. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the young girls when they get their photos taken with the Lightning players after the game. Smiling is one of the simplest things and yet can be so infectious 🙂

When I go to Zambia I hope to share these types of moments and put a smile on the faces that I cross paths with. I may not be an athlete, actor, I just hope to be someone they look up to (although I’m not very tall) *Yikes… As, a role model can stem from anywhere. Make an impact that can resonate with those around you.

“Be active, Be healthy, Be happy”


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