Busy, busy, busy!

Its been a very busy couple of weeks! Since coming back from Christmas with many exams to revise for, it has been difficult at times to not stop doing stuff for Zambia altogether, but we’ve all tried to keep things ticking along.

In the first week back from our Christmas break, we met twice in a week as a group.

The first occasion was to do the PRINT workshop. We discovered as individuals and shared to the group what our unconscious motivators are and what things might prevent us from becoming our ‘best self’ and make us our ‘shadow self’. For me, I discovered that my unconscious motivators are for things to be perfect, correct and right and to be needed and appreciated. When reading through the reports, it was extremely strange as like Tom said, “It’s like reading through a personal statement”. Over the next few days, t was quite off-putting as I found myself questioning many things I did, asking myself, am I doing this because I want to be perfect or do I not like this situation because I don’t feel valued or needed? However, the whole experience was very fascinating to learn more about ourselves and each other in this way that although it was strange and felt quite intrusive to begin with, I feel we all understand not just each other but ourselves a lot more.

The second session of the week, was Zambia orientation, where we found out more details about what Visas to get when we enter the country, where we will be living during our time there and more information about the different placement sites we will be based at. Some past Zam Fam (Volunteer Zambia Alumni) were also there so they could tell us more about what they did and hence what we will do while we are out there, as well as giving us a chance to ask past students about their own experiences out there. This meeting was also a chance to revisit our training and competency checklists that we first completed when we were first accepted on to the programme. I have discovered that I have already achieved a lot of my qualifications required. However, I’ve had some trouble booking on to probably the most important one, my netball level 2 coaching course after the course I was booked on to was cancelled due to low numbers and another I could do was full! Hopefully, I’ll be able to find a course I can do before I go out there!

I’ve also had to make some big decisions to do with my future over the past few weeks, as due to not getting back until 1st October, created some potential barriers to doing a PGCE in Secondary teaching next year as had always been my plan. However, I know that since Volunteer Zambia has been something I have always wanted to do, there was no way I was going to give it up like some training providers suggested.  Instead I’m going to make the most of this experience and continue with plan A but just a bit delayed!

Over the past few weeks, we have also been trying to get some plans in for group and individual fundraising. We started our group fundraising by spending a total of 38 hours between us setting up the 1000 desks for the university’s exams. Although it was a big task, the time actually went pretty quick! We’re all going to e taking them down the day exams finish too!


Parie and I have spoken to a pub in Loughborough and are in the process of finalizing a date to hold the annual Volunteer Zambia pub quiz! Parie and I have also been working together to individually sell cakes to the Loughborough sport office and our friends on campus to get some funds. Over the Christmas period, I received a few donations from friends and family on my page to ensure that I’m no longer at £0! I’ve also started my ‘date sale’ in which I’m asking friends, family and friends of friends to pay me £1 to reserve a date and once I have filled the whole calendar, one lucky winner will get a £10 gift voucher of their choice! If you’re reading this now and fancy it let me know!


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