Setting the foundations

In the past few weeks I have had the privilege to meet the team that will be going to Zambia in 2018 and will also be working together throughout the year in different projects, to fundraise our money for Zambia, and it is looking FANTASTIC!!!

I have give main aims I want to achieve before and while my stay in Zambia in six months time….

  1. Make sure I engage with the people, get to know the individuals in the community and allow them to get to know me.
  2. Achieve my coaching qualifications and further qualifications that can help me do a better job while in Zambia.
  3. Study the culture, the geographical, political and social factors surrounding Zambia!
  4. Engage fully on all activities throughout the year, make sure I am a help to the team and we can complete all our jobs on time.
  5. Take pictures and videos everyday during the six weeks and report back on the progress that I have seen everyday.

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