The Big 5

When I first heard about the opportunity for a staff member to take part in the Volunteer Zambia project for 2018 I was immediately excited. Having travelled to South Africa in 2011 as a participant in a similar project I was eager to get involved and use my experiences to help Loughborough University students gain an equally as ‘life enhancing’ experience alongside using my professional expertise in marketing, media and communications in a ‘live’ project setting.


So here it is, the beginning of my journey. My task for the year is made up of two parts:

  1. To promote the aims and activities of the Wallace Group to further enhance funding opportunities and awareness.

  2. To promote the experience of the students to raise awareness to future participants.

I aim to do this by collating a wide range of engaging content both prior to departure, during the projects and when they return – hence the creation of this very blog.

From the moment the students accepted their place on the project I asked them to think about their journeys, their aims and their experience from start to finish. Their first task was in the form of a TOP 5. The first blog entries found on this site will include the participants top 5 aims for the year. So to kick start the proceedings I’ve recorded mine below:

  1. To engage 5 potential students in the project through my outputs.

  2. To use my skills in a new and challenging setting.

  3. To successfully organise and run an event that aids in my fundraising efforts.

  4. To create a year long campaign using new and innovative methods of communication.

  5. To gain experience in leading and managing a team.

In 10 months time I plan to revisit these aims to reflect. Wish me luck!

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